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FOX Business
Feb 10, 2013 9:00am EST
it concerning that americans use their credit card less. >> charles: what do you like? >> vanguard dividend paying, dividend payers have been a star recently as companies give cash back that will continue. >> charles: what else do you have for us? >> i like the israel etf. israel with all the threats and all the dangers is booming, the economy is tech center of the whole world. i like that i believe jews are capable people. >> charles: i love those israeli companies. guys this is was a fun show. everyone, thanks for watching. forbes on fox is next. here is dave asmun. >> forget gridlock in washington. hitting us in our wallets. we are being hitting by real gridlock on the road. >> dave: a new report showing the average driver stuck in traffic is wasting a whopping $1880 a year. how do they want to fix it? with billions more with infrastructure spending wosmt it work or only be a waste of time. welcome to forbes on fox. let's go with steve forbes and our panel. we got a full house today. steve, you say slam the brakes on ts plan, why? >> because government involved is going to be a waste. yo
FOX Business
Feb 3, 2013 9:00am EST
. >> it is it us the taxpayer. delingquency arrests are at 11 percent. hundreds of billions and the taxpayer gets saddled with that. >> subsidies are bad and they will raise the cost of tuition and hurt the economy in the future. to pay tax increases are come more debt issue to pay for these compts that. is not why these kids can't get jobs today. the economy is terrible. it shrank. it is it growing the normal four or five percent and many of the graduates would have jobbings. >> and rich, the fact is, we are subsidizing. we are subsidizing the college degrees that often don't amount to good jobs. >> yeah, it is it unfortunate. we reached the point where technology changed the whole game in a way we are beginning to realize. on line universities and couple of them started by two stanford professors and world class education for free or near free . what are employers looking for? intelligence and drive and discipline . it used to be a college degree stood for those things and now they have faster and better ways to determine whether they want to hire someone. >> john, billions of dollars in govern
FOX News
Feb 23, 2013 11:00am EST
be encouraged because it is money chasing the profit motive and using taxpayer money to share his grand vision of the future utopia that no one wants to buy. >> rich, specifically president obama said high gas prices are a result of world wide demand and not much to do with supply as it does with demand jacking up the prices. if there is more wouldn't that pull down the prices. >> i like it because it adds to stability. i don't like buying oil from venezuela and companies in the middle east that are funding tirce terse to kill us. if we move from unstable sources to stable source us is good even if the price doesn't change a penny. >> there is also the jobs that are creted on this. >> and there could be environmental degradation. he is right to be concerned. but if we rearrange the energy supply we could have cliner and cheaper and step one is open the pipe line and end the corn ethnoil boondoingle . frac more gas and phase out coal. you would have cleaner oil and cheaper energy. >> that is all of the above. the president claims he's for all above and look at epa stopping fracing and stopping
FOX News
Feb 9, 2013 8:00am PST
in the manifesto. they join us fromfrom big bear, california. >> absolutely. those 40 people will be guarded for the simple fact that the police up here in san bernardino county cannot find him. they have searched for two days and this is day three of the biggest man hunt in the western united states. out today are 24 deputies of the sheriff's department who are not just patrolling but assisting in the swat team as they search the cabins in the eight square mile area where they believe he could be. this is how they are explaining why the search needs to continue and what they were saying just yesterday. >> there is it a possibility that he's out here and that's why we are out here searching. >> what about the possibility. >> it is possibly, too. but he could be here in the forest and we'll look as the sheriff said until we determine thrahe is not here. >> okay. >> and these beautiful blue skies that we have over the area today will certainly be helping. if you were watching us yesterday you can see how heavy the snow was and that was hampering efforts. clearing skies will allow the helicopte
FOX News
Feb 16, 2013 8:00am PST
it. we'll have a system so you can use it even with our fire walls. this company makes that possible. green mount coffee. everyone knows the coffee. hate it. i don't know why they're still taking market share. starbucks didn't do so well. i like this major breakout. finally, first solar, how i learned to love the bomb. no, i hate the way the government is doing it, but i accept it for the next four years they're going to pile so much money into this area, this stock probably takes off big time. >> adam? >> i don't like going against charles when it comes to stock picking any of the time. but the one that i love the most here, charles, is first solar. i think solar is a great idea, but this company loses money and gets beaten up by the chinese. i would stay away. >> the chinese are kicked out of the market. they got those tariffs. >> details, details. dave is on now. >>> well, if at first you don't succeed -- >> today no area holds more promise than our investments in american energy. >> the president making new calls for more green spending. the same week a government report revealin
FOX News
Feb 16, 2013 11:00am EST
us independent from the oil sheikhs, go with natural gas. >> i have no problem with natural gas. the president has it right with all of the above. >> the president says that, but he's not doing it! that's the point. tell that to the epa. >> did you know that when the original car was invented, when it came about, americans didn't respond to it. they thought the horse and buggies were fine. >> so you think -- [ laughter ] >> you think eventually americans will grow to love the electric -- hold on a second. eventually american also grow to love the electrical car? >> yes, it will. >> until that happens, we have to pour all these billions into it. do you agree, steve? >> absolutely not. entrepreneurs will do it. what made the car something working people could afford was henry ford, he did not work for the raw government, got no money from the south government. he did it on his own and that's wait it should be done. >> there is no venture capitalist who is going to put in their portfolio all of those battery operated cars because they know the markets don't want it because people g
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)